Beliefs are not reality, they are opinions. They do however run the show of your life. Chances are that you believe you’re helping yourself by doing certain things.

Beliefs are like a rule book that you follow .. without realising and without even knowing what they are. 😮. They’ll have you doing certain things every day with an idea that you are somehow moving towards healing and resolution. That it will all somehow get better, that if you find a solution you’ll be living a much happier life.

Healing by the way is not a slog or a difficult and painful thing to do. If it has become this for you then it’s not healing it’s analysing. Healing is liberating and freedom from pain.

The thing is, these beliefs and intentions may be good but it’s got you trapped in a cycle that actually keeps you stuck where you are. It’s got you living in an illusion, a perception of reality that is actually not true. You’ll know this is happening to you if you can relate to this:

1. You spend your days thinking about the issues you have because you’re an Empath.


You struggle with it all, the feelings, the energy, feeling low and anxious. You just want to feel balanced and peaceful yet it’s just beyond your grasp. Your mind has you focused on on analysing it all as a solution.

What is it? Why do I feel this way? What’s wrong with me? Whose energy is it? Yet you’re asking a mind to solve something it doesn’t know. You’re asking yourself to feel better but not knowing how to do it. 😮 the solution isn’t there yet your mind keeps you stuck in an analysing cycle that doesn’t actually work.

This is like losing your phone and you’re absolutely sure you didn’t leave it in your living room but you continually search that room and no where else. The solutions are elsewhere!

The added problem of this is that you will get more of what you concentrate on, your energy is focused in on a problem, so internally you are holding the problem there and in fact making it bigger.

2. You look for information that will help you.


Self help books seem an obvious solution don’t they? You want help so you read things about this problem in an attempt to feel better and solve all these awful issues you’re having.

I had a very impressive self help book library for a long time. My mind became very focused on the next one and the next one, without realising that none of them was making a difference and I felt exactly the same.

The constant seeking for answers becomes a pattern of behaviour and this leaves you where? Constantly seeking and never finding.

Information is just information, and you will no doubt have become top heavy with a brain full of facts and new learning. This pattern of seeking (rather than solving) means that this stuff is not actually being applied and used. Without you knowing you won’t be doing the things you learn.

Action is needed and you will need help to process and apply what you need to do. How many times have you read that you need to create a boundary? This doesn’t mean that you’re able to create one does it? You may have read about all the imaginary ways that you can pretend to do this but is it practical? Does it change anything? (A boundary by the way is not an imaginary thing, it comes from a psychological mindset shift you make).

3. You join groups and listen to other Empaths.


Makes sense doesn’t it? To find others like yourself. I mean, surely someone will have got it sorted , someone that you can learn from?

You can see that your mind’s intention here is good. It’s seeking a practical solution to your problem.

What actually happens is you find yourself in a community of other people who also haven’t been able to get it sorted. The conversations then become problem based, concentrating on the problems rather than the solutions. You are now engaged in negativity and a group of people who all buy into how difficult it all is. This reinforces your own belief system, leaving you feeling helpless.

The belief that things are bad will attract proof of this belief.. Empath groups are a great way to do this.

‘Empathland’ is a community of wonderful people who, on the whole, are stuck. Their minds have them captive to a belief that they will get things sorted through these avenues. They won’t.

Anything that reinforces false beliefs is just going to keep you exactly where you are.

Something new and different is needed. New learning that actually does make a difference. You can get help here :