Work with me 1-2-1

Let’s make this easy, an adventure that’s fun and enlightening because ditching the problems doesn’t have to be a struggle. In a lighthearted, warm and comforting space, you’ll feel totally safe to explore and release the things that are causing you pain and holding you back. You’ll discover your own potential, see things in a whole different way and find your light again.

I’ll guide you through a journey to discover you, I’ll take you by the hand to experience enlightenment and freedom. Many of my clients say to me that they wish they had come to me sooner when they realise they can live without the internal conflict, that they don’t have to be affected by energy and that peace is an option…….

Energy Busters

How would you like to protect your own energetic space? To take control over being affected by others people’s energy and emotions? This number one problem for Empaths is why you think that your gift is a curse. The problems that this causes are HUGE.

This is a 6 week transformational programme, a one stop resolution to get you back in control, giving you the help and support you want to create boundaries and to learn all you need to know to reclaim your own aura. All  so that you can stop being disturbed by external energy.

This programme will only run a few times per year but you can grab your place here.

The Relationship Supercharge

Hoping things will get better?

This is all you’ve got right now, hope. It’s understandable that when you don’t know the answers to a problem, your mind will hang on to something, anything at all to make it all feel a little bit better.

I speak from personal experience though when I say this :

If you keep on doing what you’re doing you will keep on having what you’ve got.

Through the pain that you carry, similar things will keep happening until you do something about it. Only in a relationship sense things do tend to get gradually worse. This is the universe saying “Come on, sort this out!”

Pushing and pushing you to move out of a familiar and painful pattern because you don’t have to do this, it can be a whole lot different.

Let’s get this thing sorted :

The Empowerment Project

When you just don’t feel good enough, no matter what you do! You suppress your opinions and your emotions for fear of upsetting other people. In fact, other people are more important than you. You do everything to support and help them but you get nothing back. How unfair does this seem? You feel frustrated, unheard and unappreciated.

Time for this to change lovely Empath, how do you fancy 4 months of working together online with group coaching and some one to one time too? I’ll be there every step of the way to help and support as you learn some new stuff that will quite frankly, blow your socks off!!

This changes everything, yes, I know it’s a big statement to make but I know it to be true, I’ve seen it happen so many times. I know what works having been through the journey from curse to gift! Find out what you can achieve here ….