If you’re feeling something, then it’s already in.

Trying to keep it out therefore, is not going to work and trying not to take it in at this point is going to cause an internal conflict that’s even more painful. Your mind will tell you that you have to keep this energy out, causing you to believe that it’s still ‘out there’. It’s not.

It makes sense then to look where the actual issue is in order to resolve it and this is within you. This shift in perception has you at least moving in the right direction instead of feeling helplessly stuck.

Often times, the resistance you experience to energy is the thing that causes the pain and then a need to regurgitate the feelings and the thoughts ensues.

Allowing something to be exactly as it is will create its release from your energy field.

What’s happening is that your thoughts are becoming engaged with a sensation in your body, your mind is labelling these sensations as negative. It’s telling you that they are bad and they shouldn’t be there. This internal dialogue will create more pain on top of what was only a feeling. They automatically clench up your body in order to resist and fight the ‘bad’ thing.

It’s possible to be aware of the feeling in your body, to view it as more of a neutral thing and then to let it pass through. It’s only your mind’s intervention and focus on it that keeps it there. Wherever you place your attention, the energy will grow.

There’s a lot more that you can learn about this to allow your mind to shift its perception of the negative and to learn what’s actually happening with your thoughts and how to change them. To find out what energy actually is and how you can shift the balance yourself without any need for help ‘out there’.

Feeling too much is an indication that your energy field is out of balance, of being ungrounded and that there are no boundaries.

You’d be surprised at how quickly and easily you can shift this around, there’s some things to learn that’s all. And you can learn it easily, with me holding your hand and supporting you at every step.

If you’re ready to free yourself, you can meet other Empaths in a  safe and warm group, enjoy new eye popping learning and transformation. Enlightenment, freedom from the pain and discovering the gift of your Superpower. I’ll be there with you to provide help and support every step of the way.

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