Hello lovely Empath,

Who’s upset you? Do you get that ranty thing in your head, chundering over what someone did or said , how dare they say that to me? How dare they do that to me?

Imagining all the things you wish you’d said back, reconstructing arguments when you’re in the shower where you get the upper hand? Spending hours trying different statements out, re-running the whole scenario but with a better outcome for yourself?

It’s where the ego has felt a knock, the human personality that feels like it’s been lessened in some way, this chattering is the minds attempt to regain some balance and control.

To repair the knock that it thinks it’s taken.

You only need to remember that you haven’t been lessened by anything.

This happens when you take things personally. I hadn’t got a clue what that meant once, it was just a statement bandied about as a solution but I didn’t understand it.

Taking things personally is where you put “me” or “I” in your inner dialogue .

Something happened, something has been said or done and you start labelling this as something to do with you.

“I can’t believe he did that to me!”

“What have I done?”

What other people do is nothing whatsoever to do with you.

It doesn’t mean anything about you. Someone else’s perception is all to do with them, how they think how they feel, how they perceive things. It’s a reflection of their inner state.

When you start saying things like .. he did this “to me” this is where your problem starts. Other people are doing nothing TO YOU.

They are doing and saying what they do based on their own inner world.

Take out the “I” or “me” to any dialogue you have going on.

If you’re insulted, you can look to why you’re believing this .. do you believe this about you? Your own inner dialogue is the only thing that can hurt you when it comes to other people behaviour.

What you tell yourself about it is what causes you the pain

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