When they are really a human being who quite frankly has the capability of being a dick head.

Before we start I’m not saying here that narcissists don’t exist and I’m also not saying that you’re not with one at the moment or have had the unfortunate experience of several in your life. This is totally possible.

I’m here to address a really important point, one that is so popular in Empathland (the one in the virtual world online) that it has got ridiculous.

And that is that Empaths attract narcissists! No, they don’t!

It’s one that drives me mad because people can’t help but take on board what they read as facts. Empaths who seek help end up believing some really toxic stuff that they could actually start to seek out in their life … unconscious stuff can have you ‘looking for’ the proof of a belief you have.

They could actually end up looking for these people without realising it. Your brain has an amazing function that helps you to seek out what you believe.

You can end up believing that you always attract toxic people or that you always attract narcissists. You have to be careful what you’re asking for.

This is not true! Not everyone who is labelled as a narcissist is actually this way at all, human beings can act in horrible ways, so can you. It’s a label that is based on incorrect information the majority of the time.

I’m an Empath, I have never attracted narcissists or toxic people!

I’ve had my fair share of horrible behaviour though. As I have dished out my own share of “humanness” and pain responses.

You may have heard a saying that goes something like “ what you see in others is also in you”. We don’t want to hear this do we? It’s not a nice thought, but we all have the capacity to choose behaviour that is not so good. It’s a fact. Does that make you a narcissist? No, it makes you human.

This is not to diminish the effect of being with a narcissist, I want to make this clear again. If this is your experience or has been, the effects are real and I’m not wanting you to think that you have behaved in the same way as them. The reflection for you is all about a need to build yourself up so that you don’t allow this in your life.

Im encouraging you to move away from this generalisation that all bad behaviour gets this label of ‘narcissist’.

This is to reiterate the important point I made above, Empaths do not attract narcissist or toxic people. Human beings can though.

If this is the case for you, it’s due to some other stuff you have going on that can be resolved, it doesn’t have to be something that continues to happen in your life.

If there is a repeating pattern in your life, the time to look inside and make some changes is now.

The doors to the Empowerment Project are now open lovely people,  this changes everything! Grab yourself a place while you can.

Much love, Jan xxxxx