First off …. Stop the overthinking’s not working is it? Has it given you the results or the clarity that you’ve been looking for? Does constant analysis resolve the pain?

Take a deep breath and let’s look at what’s happening here and what you can do about it.

Looking for explanations

Is your mind looking for a reason for your horrible feelings? Guaranteed that it is. This is what the mind does, it looks for explanations.

It does this with a false belief that if you know what’s caused the feelings then the feelings will go away. It’s causing you to believe that if you can work out what a disturbance is, you will feel better. But even if you do know, does it actually go away?

What are you blaming?

Are you searching externally for the cause of bad feelings and why you’re feeling low?

The minds natural tendency to seek the cause of your feelings outside of yourself will have you analysing other people, what they said what they did, the past, your family, circumstances. It could be about what you haven’t got in your life or how isolated you are, it’s other people’s energy or any number of other things. What is your “go to” cause of feeling crappy?

What stories are you telling yourself about why life is hard, or how bad you feel?

Important News

If you bump into someone who is holding a cup of coffee, what spills out of the cup? Coffee! If you bump into someone who is holding a cup of tea, what spills out of that cup? Tea!

If someone bumps into you what will spill out of you? Whatever is in YOU!

If you feel crappy it’s coming from inside of you. Nothing external to you is causing it.

You can blame anybody and everybody but no one has the power to touch and manipulate your emotions. No one can create them inside of you can they? This is impossible when you think about it.

YOU are in control of your emotions, although I get it, that up to this point it’s certainly looked and felt like it’s all caused by other people and situations.

What difference would it make to your life to fully realise this control?

Whatever you’re feeling is being created internally, despite what’s going on “out there”.

This may leave you thinking … well what do I do with that? It does leave you in a place of power and real decision and choice about how to move forward.

Previously it’s been about having to change or avoid all people and all life situations. Now the power is within you.

What are you going to decide? Stay as you are or get the help? There is no magic wand and quick fix.

What there is, is an opportunity to gently release and re-set yourself. Does it have to take years? No! Does it have to be hard? Absolutely not!

Is it painful? Ermmmm, NO!

Much love, Jan xxxxx

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