A FREE Mini Programme to get your energy moving


Where’s all your energy gone? Living in human energy soup is just overwhelming and being so sensitive it’s hard to keep that balance. Hard, ahem … impossible! I mean there’s everyone else’s stuff, your own stuff, where’s it coming from. What is it and whose is it?

All guaranteed to send you down the rabbit hole of over analysis, wondering what’s wrong with you and feeling even worse ….. and here we go again! It’s like a ride you just want to get off.

Only you can’t, because you don’t know where to even start with it all.

Feeling low, unmotivated, confused, unable to make decisions, in pain, emotional, irritable 😩. This is no way to live.

Energy drain is your culprit, being overwhelmed by other people’s stuff and overwhelmed by your own pulls the plug so you end up feeling like a deflated ballon. How do you top it up again?

Enough! Let’s unleash your energy potential and having you feeling so much better.

So, what’s this all about?

A FREE mini programme that will drop directly into your inbox every day. 5 days of Videos, little challenges and things to get you moving. All done in fun and possibility, enlightenment and with your empowerment in mind.

Please note that you can unsubscribe any time. Even if you want the programme then decide you don’t want to hear from me again, that’s totally fine. I want you to get the benefit of this without you feeling any obligation whatsoever …. I don’t work like that and your comfort is important to me.

Ready without reading any further? You can get it here

What’s the outcome for you?


Well, imagine everything that an  Empath is interested in … THAT! 😂

–  Finding and keeping your own energy space .. the most comfortable and peaceful place to be .. ever!

–  Easy to do steps to throw off the negativity you take on a daily basis.

–  Plugging the energy drains so you keep your own energy and feel topped up.

–  How to be around difficult and awkward people and NOT take on the energy.

–  The number one mistake that Empath’s make that causes you to take on other people’s energy.

–  A learning that shifts problems for the whole of your life .. it’s a biggie!

–  How to ground .. yaaaaaaay …. yeah I’ll be explaining what it is and how you can do this. No imaginary bubbles or white light required.

–  One of the biggest drains of your energy that you won’t have even considered.

Who am I?


Someone who was in a puddle on the floor due to lack of energy.

And someone who found out the hard and difficult way what it takes to stay in your own space and thrive.

I was baffled by conflicting information about what grounding is and why couldn’t I do it?

Everything felt heavy and difficult and painful.

I learnt so much to change this problem around and I’m here to share this with you so that you can do the same.


I’m Jan James, an intuitive and Empowered Empath.

I’m a  Life Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Spiritual Teacher and Energy healer. I bring together therapy on a psychological, emotional and spiritual level as a complete resolution for beautiful women.

Women who are committed to changing their inner world,  who want to raise their consciousness and awareness.

My passion is to get the message to you that you do not have to suffer, although I get that right now you are, big time!

It’s called the curse of being an Empath I guess.

That’s ok because this means you don’t have to struggle and try to work this out on your own anymore!

The truth of the matter is that you’re a superpower and ineffective information you have read or heard has led you down a path of believing in stuckness and pain and difficulty. It does NOT have to be this way lovely.

Let’s unleash your energy potential (and “you” potential), it’s FREE and I can’t wait to have you on board


Much love, Jan xxxxxx