Another lockdown here in the UK is not the news everyone was hoping for. Things becoming worse again is just another knock back that I know many are struggling with.

I wanted to talk to you about the biggest difference you can make for yourself while this goes on.

You have a situation, the pandemic, and all that entails, in terms of disruption and changes in your life. Not seeing who you want to see or being able to go where you want to go.

Then you have your inner dialogue that labels this situation. You give it meanings.

“This is awful”

“How will we ever make up for lost time?”

“The kids are so behind at school, this will ruin their future “.

“I can’t cope with this”.

“What if I get it? What if I die?”

“What if one of my family gets this?”

All normal responses you would think.

It is what it is.

This is a statement to free yourself from turmoil and emotional stress, the worry and agitation over it all.

The situation is the situation, there is no need to dive into the imaginings of the mind of what could happen in the future. There is no need to attach labels of what it means.

It is what it is.

It’s actually ok to not think about it. Redirect your thoughts to things that are more useful in terms of how you feel.

Negative thoughts create negative emotions.

Stop talking about it, stop watching the news (check in once a day is enough).

Yes, this is not a good situation but reading about it, talking and thinking about it does not change it. This internal focus on something will make the problem bigger and bigger in your head.

The media is heavily invested in the drama of things, this engages people to buy papers. Not to say that the news is great about this pandemic but reading death rates and infection rates over and over is not helping.

Does this mean you don’t care? Of course not but your mental health and well being has to take priority for now.

Be careful what you feed your mind and you will generate peaceful feelings for yourself even when this whole thing is going on.

There is an end in sight. Bunker down, look after yourself and mind your self talk.

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