This is when you end up thinking that you just can’t do relationships because it always ends up such a mess. You’ve experienced that much chaos and stress that you have no clue what it is about you that attracts such turmoil.

One painful experience after another can leave you thinking that it’s just too hard and painful, frightened of staying, frightened of leaving or if you’re single to even move forward in case it happens again.

Can you relate?

You’ve tried and tried to sort things out yet nothing seems to work, you spend so much of your time analysing the relationship you’re in or the the ones you’ve had and still have no idea what it is about you that is causing this stuff. It’s a constant headache of ups and downs and painful interactions, phew, it’s exhausting.

You just want to have peaceful connection, warm and comforting support of each other and nice moments. But once the initial blush is over, you end up with a completely different person and it’s seems to be downhill from there. How is it that someone can change like that? You just wish you could get that person back and then set out to do this. Analysing yourself and them, the relationship, thinking of how to make it better.

You doubt yourself big time and question your part in everything, wondering what you could change about yourself and what you could do to improve things. Maybe it’s you that needs to be fixed ? Maybe it’s you that’s causing someone else to behave badly?

What’s going on with this stuff?

It may surprise you to know that when you’ve been drawn into this sort of chaos it indicates that you may not have had the highest expectations for yourself and you have a tendency to put up with things.

Oftentimes an external relationship will reflect the type of relationship you are having with yourself. What? I hear you shout! Yes, the solutions are more within your grasp that you can possibly imagine.

Relationships are a challenge aren’t they? Hard as they may be, they can be the biggest opportunity for you to learn about yourself and grow into the superpower that you really are.

Maybe all these hard and painful experiences are pushing you to let go of limiting beliefs you have about yourself so that you do NOT put up with anything that is bad for you.

Is this you? Do you think if you were feeling great about who you are this would continue to happen?


Much love, Jan xxxx