We’ve probably met, neighbours in fact, I lived here for years and years!

You’ve had a life that so far has been quite frankly difficult and painful, so many knock backs, rejections and upsets that you’re living in a pain bubble. One thing builds up on top of another until you feel that weighed down, you feel awful and miserable. Your mind drifts to things that have happened in the past and you re-live this stuff on repeat.

(Did you know that your mind doesn’t know whether you are remembering something or actually re-living it? 😳, so you experience the same pain again and again).

No one seems to understand you and they criticise you for anything you feel or say. You wonder what the point is? Why is life so hard? Will I ever be happy?

Ouch! Horrible isn’t it?

Feeling so crappy will understandably mean you’re not jumping around with the joy of spring and laughing and joking and being the life and soul. How could you?

Thing is, this dark and shadowy world can be very all consuming, this pain world that is, it can take you over and have you living in a place where you can’t see the bigger picture. You’ll see your version of life and live that out. You will become unaware of the impact on others around you. You won’t realise that their response to you comes from an energy dance that you haven’t been aware of.

You know why you feel bad and your word and actions will directly reflect this.

Other people aren’t living in your world and they don’t know what it’s like, all they will see and feel is what you say and the energy that YOU are throwing out there.

So what is this energy and what will the impact be? You’re an Empath, you can feel other people’s energy, but so can other people. They may not understand it or be able to put their finger on what it is, but they CAN feel it and will respond to it. This is all done unconsciously.

A negative energy is being emitted, a pain energy that can only attract and bring more pain 😮. Other people respond to this and generally it’s not in the kind, loving and soothing way that you hoped for.

This trapped pain place can have you living in Victimsville, feeling sorry for yourself and projecting pain energy. This small town is not a good area, you need to get yourself out of there, it has a bad reputation for pushing people away and keeping them at a distance. It’s thought that this town creates negative and uncaring reactions from others too. I know, I was there!

It’s possible to not live in your pain, no matter what has happened. It’s all to do with shifting perceptions, they way you look at yourself, life, events, people and circumstances. Changing your mind about stuff changes how you feel.

This might not make sense to you right now when horrible things have happened but you can shift things around so that you live in the present moment more …. the pain and the events of your past aren’t actually real in this moment, it’s gone, it’s not happening. Why would you want to choose to keep it with you now?

Does this appeal to you, to release the past? This is one of the many many things I’m teaching and helping you to change in The Empowerment Project.

Things like this generally do NOT get better on their own, why? because the change needs your input and effort. Your decisions are needed and YOUR superpower to do this. It may feel like that particular light has gone out BUT the superpower is still there and just needs a little coaxing to come forward again and take control. Let’s do this!   Much love Jan xxxxx