I remember during my training, learning about the phenomena of mind reading, something that every human being does.

This is where you decide and give an interpretation of what someone else is thinking. Effectively these are our own ideas and beliefs that we then transfer to someone else. We then think that we know what someone else is thinking. This would suggest that mind reading is therefore imagined.

And as I sat there and thought, “no, it isn’t, not always.“ Because you sometimes can hear other peoples thoughts, it happens to me.

It is an important distinction to make. Are you imagining what someone else is thinking or are you actually hearing their thoughts?

What’s important here is that when (or if) you are hearing someone else’s thoughts, how you respond to this.

Firstly, this is a great alarm bell for you to immediately come back into your own energy field, it’s letting you know that you’re not in your own space and you need to return to you.

If at this point you want to tell the other person that you have heard their thought, don’t! This freaks people out big time.

Secondly, if your thoughts are engaged in analysing “the other“ (because you are concerned or upset about it) consider that thoughts are fleeting. One moment a human being can be angry, the next they are loving. The thoughts someone has will very much reflect their emotional state at the time. They are temporary and would never reflect the depth of who that person is.

You know yourself that emotional states and thoughts can vary widely over the period of one day, or even an hour or in a minute.

Be wary of the interpretation you give if you hear someone else’s thought, this is where mind reading comes in and you decide what something else means. You cannot know what someone else is experiencing and what meaning their emotional state has for them in that moment.

As a final thought, you may not actually be hearing a thought from the individual themselves, they may be thinking about someone else  and thinking about a conversation for example, involving somebody else’s thoughts.

You may be picking up from what I call the “soup of human energy “that surrounds us.

To analyse what it is and what it means is very much a function of ego. It’s okay to just let things like this pass through you for your peace of mind. When this happens to you use it as an indication to return to your own space Because this is where your peace lies.