Hello lovely Empath,

Isn’t it frustrating when people won’t sort out their issues?

We’ve all had it haven’t we? If only the family would sort themselves out and be a bit more open, if only our partners would stop doing what they do (or start doing something they should do).

If only that friend would be a bit more considerate and ask you how you’re doing rather than talking about themselves all the time.

If only everyone would be more loving and understanding, then everything in your world would be ok.

I used to think like this, yet when I realised that this would mean fixing everyone in the world, I needed a re-think. Because if you were to get your “ideal” and the people around you were “sorted” you’d soon meet someone else that wasn’t.

There has to be a better way.

And there is lovely Empaths you just may not have realised it yet. What if you could be ok anyway? What if you could feel at peace and balanced within yourself, content and at ease regardless of other people?

😀 yes, this is possible. And not as hard as you may think right now.

I came to realise that my frustration at other people just not fixing themselves was probably a reflection of my own refusal .. actually, it’s not fair to call it a refusal because I just didn’t know!

We can’t see our own stuff 😮, we’re just who we are and we know our intention is good and pure. Everyone though develops patterns of behaviour that may not be working towards our highest good. And we just don’t see it ….

This is quite a hard one to swallow at first, I know I didn’t like it at all 😡 but if there’s issues around you , this is ultimately a reflection of something that is going on within you.

This is quite a deep one but it doesn’t mean that you are the cause of someone else’s behaviour. Everyone is responsible for themselves and what they do. You cannot make someone act in a negative way for example, they have choice. What it does mean is that you could be initiating a response in someone without you even knowing.

I spent years creating a response in someone where I felt and truly believed I was just speaking normally. What was actually happening was that an energetic charge was shouting loud and clearly (the emotion underneath the surface) and I could NOT see it. Frustrating or what!

This is the world of triggers and emotional responses 😫, stuff that just happens. The times when you find yourself doing and saying things you don’t really want to say and do. The times you  lose your temper and turn into a crazy person… that one!

Changing all this stuff inside of you changes your external world …. people respond to you differently.

Always look to you for the change that you want to see out there. All change is internal and it is like magic.


Much love, Jan xxxxx