How do you trust your instinct? How do you know whether it is your soul speaking or the voice in your head? Well, there’s the difference. Instinct is a feeling in your body, a knowing, a sure sense of something being right for you, or not.

Past pain speaks through your thoughts. So instinct is in your body as a feeling and thoughts are obviously in your head and result from past conditioning, experiences, pain and trauma.

Several of you have spoken to me about wanting to take the Energy Busters programme but they struggle with beliefs such as ..

It won’t work for me.
I won’t be able to do it, I’ve been this way for too long.
What if it doesn’t work?
What if I’m uncomfortable ?
What if I need to get out of it and I can’t?
What will I have to do, what if I don’t understand ?
Will I be able to keep up?
What if I have to speak to people?

You get the drift you may well have these sort of thoughts going on too.

Thoughts keep you stuck and in an old pattern of repeating what you know, even if this is uncomfortable and in a place you don’t want to be.

The thing with thoughts is that sometimes they are just not helpful but you don’t have to take them seriously. You can know that they’re there but are you going to continue to be run by them? 95% of your thoughts are repeating on automatic and are mainly negative 😳.

Instinct knows more than your thoughts could ever know. It has access to energy that we sometimes can’t understand. For example, your instinct knows whether Energy Busters is for you or not, because it recognises me, it recognises what is in this programme and how it will help you. Your head doesn’t know that so will try to keep you in resistance or fear. This leaves you stuck.

This is not to say that your instinct will say yes to doing this programme, it will also tell you if it’s not right for you at the moment.

If you have felt that you want to do this programme and your head has kicked in with a zillion reasons why you shouldn’t, remember it is trying to maintain a pattern of not reaching out for help (you may well have learnt that this doesn’t have good consequences due to your past). It will be trying to maintain you as you are.

I always say to people trust your instinct every time, it is far more intelligent than your brain/mind. It knows things that you are not aware of.

Go into your body and ask the question, ‘Is this right for me?’ You’re not looking for a thought response, you’re looking for a feeling. Is this feeling comfortable? Is it excited or uplifting? Then your answer is yes. Don’t listen to those pesky thoughts and get yourself over to grab your place.

Much love, Jan xx