Hello lovely,

Right now it all feels a little outta control. Energy from everywhere is impacting you and affecting your mood, draining your own energy and making you feel thoroughly miserable.

It’s enough to make you want to hide isn’t it? Being around others is just stressful and you’d rather keep out of the way. Thing is, this leaves you not living your life, you’re held back and restricted. This is not good because you deserve more than this.

It’s certainly understandable right now, interactions can leave you having to recharge yourself to get some balance of “ok” back.

“Ok” is not good enough for you lovely, surviving it all and trying to get through your days is not the goal here. Let’s look to thriving instead.

You’ve been told that you’re and Empath and this means that you absorb energy from other people. It means you struggle and it’s difficult. This idea makes so much sense doesn’t it? Because you do struggle and it is hard.

What you’re not being told though is that you can be in the drivers seat of what happens in your inner world. You don’t have to be the passenger and helpless to what’s going on around you.

It took me many years to break through this thick layer of messaging that’s out there about what it means to be an Empath. It’s so sad that so many have now bought into this message that’s it’s become like a cultural belief.

The truth is that feeling energy, your gift, doesn’t meant that you have to absorb it. It’s a totally different thing. You can be aware of something without taking it on board and making it your experience.

How amazing is that?

In the same way that you can sit in front of the TV without becoming the character you’re watching, you can be around others without becoming their energy.

So no more trying to get through another day being affected by others’ negative energy, trying to stay balanced and sometimes managing to feel “ok”.

I want for you to be in control, balanced and comfortable within your own energy, not everyone else’s.

The way you do that is to create a powerful boundary. This is not something to keep everything out but more a protective and confident you that makes choices to be peaceful in your own skin. Choices to easily not pander to other people and allow their stuff to affect you.

THIS is what you need, it’s FREE and you can get it below: