You don’t have to because they don’t exist.

😮 This is another terrifying language error in Empathland. This is false information being thrown about that you can’t help but take on board as fact. This will have you living in fear.

It’s a disempowering message that has just got to go!

Perception of a vampire is not someone you’d want to meet is it? They will suck your blood and you will become a vampire, you will not be able to stand light and have to sleep in a coffin 😳. You will live for eternity in a hellish existence arghhhhh. 😫

Your understanding of this word will never ever have you waking up in the morning wanting to meet one. In fact, the perception of this in the Empath community will have you wanting to actively avoid an encounter, how are you going to do that? Avoid people. Be afraid of people because something terrible could happen.

Ok so you might be thinking, Jan, calm down! I don’t think they are REAL vampires. Of course you don’t yet one mere word can evoke a response in you based on your understanding of that word. This will be unconscious, out of your awareness but will cause negative feelings and a behaviour … avoidance of people. It will cause you to believe that people can take things from you, that they can affect your energy and your feelings. It will make you feel helpless.

It may also cause you to label any disturbance you feel as being the fault of someone else “out there”, you can believe you have been attacked by an energy vampire.

You wouldn’t ever think you had been gently caressed by one would you? So the word ‘attack’ indicates a threat, feeling violated, causing other feelings of helplessness (you couldn’t  do anything about it), and resentment (being at the mercy of nasty and horrible people who can take things from you.)

There are people who are draining… this is a fairly neutral sentence and more like the truth.

Catastrophising is a thing the mind can do, it’s called a cognitive distortion and it’s something you can now be aware of. It’s making something that’s neutral into something awful, turning it into something as bad as it can get.

Draining people generally don’t mean to create any harm, they are most likely unaware of it. They’re a human being probably with a negative internal state, they are struggling themselves. They don’t know how to regulate themselves.

Horrible people could drain you (if you let them) with negative behaviour, criticism, put downs and attempts to manipulate or undermine you. You are still not at the mercy of this, you can choose to walk away. If this is difficult at the moment then there is other stuff going on that you need to look at and resolve .. you absolutely can!

You are not at  the mercy of anyone or anything in the external world. Your ability to be strong, emotionally balanced, confident and self assured means you stop needing things from “out there” to feel ok about yourself . You are far less affected by the actions and words of others because your energetic space is a comfortable and safe place to be in.

This means you will not allow your energy to be released to someone else. No one can take it from you, you can only give it away.

Much love, Jan xxxxx