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Not knowing what the energy disturbance is drives you nuts doesn’t it? You know something is off, it just doesn’t feel right but you can’t be sure exactly what it is. You’re feeling low, tense, out of sorts and here we go again!

It’s like a never ending circle of feeling affected and off balance, trying to sort it out and get back to feeling ok, then to just do it all over again. This is no way to live is it? It’s exhausting and painful.

Your mind will jump into a painful analysis cycle, is it mine? Is it theirs? In an attempt to understand it, if only you could understand what is going on … then what? If you knew, what difference would it make?

If you could know 100% that it was someone else’s, would it remove the energy or the feeling or the thoughts about it? If you knew 100% it was yours, would it resolve it and go away?

This is clearly not working. The analysis does not resolve the problem, nor does it stop the constant barrage of energy disturbance from ‘out there’.

It may help you to know, that if you feel ‘off’ energy within your aura, the solution to resolving this is within you, whether the disturbance is someone else’s or yours. This allows you to take your power of control back. You don’t have to solve anything that is ‘out there’. You don’t have to avoid people, you don’t need to change them so that you can feel ok around them.

This pattern of resolution, fixing the external stuff, would have you constantly busy for the rest of your life and would never resolve the awful effects that is has on you.

So, your mind has you convinced that if you could only know what’s happening then resolution would happen and you’d feel ok again. Hmmmm 🤔. It’s not happening is it?

Time to think of new ways, allowing in new information, even allowing yourself the possibility of living without this problem, how amazing would it be to be an Empowered Empath!

Energy Busters is  a one stop opportunity for you to learn all about how to change this, to create a more peaceful experience. To learn to control and choose which energies you let it to your auric field.

If creating a boundary and batting away negative energy is what you’re looking for then this is for you.

We’re starting in February and you can find out more by clicking below :

Much love Jan xxxx