A one stop shop so that you can bat away that negative energy and stop absorbing everything from everywhere.

You will learn to protect yourself with a strong boundary and be in control of how you feel

Why does it all feel SO hard? It’s a daily battle to just feel ok and trying to get balanced … again!

There’s loads of info out there isn’t there about how to ground, but still it’s a mystery and why doesn’t it work? It all just adds to increased levels of frustration, overthinking, exhaustion and a general feeling of MEH!

It’s easier to avoid people than have to experience horrible feelings, confusing thoughts and that “here we go again” sensation.

You can’t imagine at this point what it’s like to just feel ok because a constant disturbance of one sort or another is just overwhelming and it’s affecting you big time. The misery is affecting almost every minute of your day, your relationships, work, socially and your family are things you can’t put your focus on because you’re dealing with ALL this energy!

You’re tired, feeling crap, motivation is at zero and you’re feeling weird and misunderstood. You just need support, understanding and solutions .. more than anything you just want to know how to make it stop.

I don’t need to say it really but it IS just awful.

Enough of the beating yourself up because you tell yourself you should have got it sorted or that you’re not feeling good enough.. agreed?

Don’t just take my word for what this can do for you. Here is what one lovely lady had to say …..

I took the Empowered Empaths – Energy Busters course after following Jan’s page and posts for a while, one day it just seemed right that I invested in something that could potentially sort out the ‘problem’ I had (that I didn’t really understand myself) and I cannot recommend this course enough!

I have been struggling for many years with unbearable feelings and emotions and as time and life goes on it was getting increasingly more difficult to handle. I feel it has literally transformed things for me and put me on a path that has changed and is continuously changing my life. I feel like a new person!

The course is manageable and flows at an easy going pace – the meditations I found particularly transformative and also being able to share within a private supportive and understanding group.

Jan herself is of the highest integrity and guides you gently and supportively through the days, worksheets and meditations with the care, support and dedication that you absolutely need when dealing with this subject.

She is so wonderful and knowledgeable, and you can feel her care and that she really has walked the walk and can resonate and support with the care that only someone who has experienced and come out of the other side of this, can.

I feel I can go forward now into the future with a healthy ‘armour’ just for me and feel safe in my skin and with the knowledge ‘I can do this!’.

Thank you, Jan!

You don’t have to be on your own with this anymore.

I’m here to help. I know the problem from personal experience and I know how to get you out of it because I’ve done it myself.

There’s a whole combination of factors that’s keeping you very stuck in this energy problem. It’s like you’re tied up in a knot of beliefs and ideas about yourself, life and about energy. The painful thinking and over analysing just tightens that knot further.

You won’t know where to start because you won’t know where the underlying issue is or what it is.

Energy busters is a gentle and easy to understand untying the knot experience.

What you need is support, new learning and the skills and tools to transform your experience from pain to peace. I’ve got your back so let’s do this together.



Imagine being able to live your life without the constant barrage of energy coming at you from everywhere. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Losing the need to constantly analyse what’s going on, what’s wrong with you and whose energy is it? Without the imbalance, there’s no need to question everything, this frees up so much mental and emotional space. Ahhh the relief!

Imagine still being able to feel and be aware of the energy around you without it impacting how you feel? Amazing too don’t ya think?

You won’t be drained and exhausted or needing to hide. You’ll feel comfortable to do what you want to do, to be around family and friends without needing to recharge for a week.

You’ll sleep better and drop the low moods caused by your constantly shifting energy field.

At the moment the effects are huge, it impacts your day to day life, in fact moment by moment the discomfort can be overwhelming.

I want you to be living your best and most peaceful life, nothing less than that. Getting through each day should not be your goal, surviving it all instead of thriving is not good enough.

You deserve better than to be dragging yourself through more disturbances and then the analysis and then the fight to just feel ok again.

Ok is not enough. Feel fabulous instead!



The Details


Energy Busters is your portal out of where you are right now.

This is a 6 week fun adventure into you.  With options  for more help after this, you’re not going to be left on your own.

This is something you can grab and go… no groups or live interactions. We like that total privacy and isolation don’t we?

I’ll send by email all that you need to access four modules of videos, relaxation and hypnotherapy, articles, little worksheets to get you thinking and doing what you like to do .. which is discovering and uncovering the real you. 😃.

I’m always here to assist if you need it and  you can do this at your own pace, learning and transforming as you go.

A bargain price for you

The original price for Energy Busters as a supported group course (with live interaction) was £275.00. As a “Grab and Go’ programme, this means I can slash the price to only £97.00 .. and you can pay by instalments too.

There is no live support available with this option BUT you are never alone and additional help is always here if you need it.

Am amazing price for a LOT of change and transformation wooooo 🥰

Yay! Jan James of Empowered Empaths and Energy Busters . If you’re familiar with her or her page, I sooo encourage you to take the class. Best investment I’ve ever made in myself. Through Jan, I’ve learned there’s a whole new world out there and a less painful, stressful way to live. I’ll confess I was skeptical at first, but I was also at the point where I was ready to try anything.

The shift started slowly for me, actually I didn’t realize anything was changing until I suddenly noticed that I had a calmness and peace about myself that I’d never experienced before. I wasn’t worrying about everybody but me and quit constantly taking on negative energy from everyone else. It’s such an amazing feeling, it’s so good! And unfamiliar.

Jan honestly changed my life. Mentally, emotionally, spiritually…with gentle, loving guidance. I don’t even know how to put into words how different I’ve become. Jan answers questions, encourages, loves, and it becomes so obvious that her focus is on you and that her desire is to help other Empaths who are still struggling. She has no problem telling of her journey or sharing personal experiences. She‘s such an open book. You just know you can trust her.

This class is was what I’d been searching for without even knowing what I needed or wanted.

This is for you if …….


😩  You’re negatively affected by other people’s energy.

  Being around others is a problem for you.

🙄  You feel bad a lot of the time.

😡  No one understands you.

🤨  You feel adrift and alone and lost as to how to make things better.

😴 Feeling drained and exhausted is a frequent occurrence.

🧐  Analysing the problem has turned into a hobby …. an unpleasant one

😭  You’re SO emotional and crying is just something you do a lot.

This is not for you if ..

  You’re not done with being stuck.

  You want to believe that being an Empath needs to be a painful and traumatic experience.

–  You don’t want to take responsibility for yourself and create a peaceful life.

–  You don’t want to invest time, money and energy into transforming yourself.

–  You’re just not ready.




As well as 4 modules of enlightening and exciting learning you will get 3 relaxation and hypnotherapy audios. What better way to learn and change but by kicking back, relaxing and letting your unconscious mind do it for you! I know, such a bonus!

More comments from these beautiful ladies  about Energy Busters

I do healing energy work professionally. I joined this course not only for myself but also to help others. There were plenty of simple actions to take that I put into practice right away, and they were very helpful. I really liked the meditation-hypnotherapy component as well. There has been a noticeable shift in the way I handle things.

That’s what is cool about this program. I’m carrying it over to other aspects of my life. You do good work, Jan.


“I’ve been almost hyper vigilant lately about everything around me. Kind of like a bubble around me at times. Then something will happen and I can calmly let it go almost unconsciously & realize later that I didn’t get upset”

Feeling a lot less triggered and calmer, it’s nice to sit and observe and not be entangled.

I can feel your integrity, Jan. This is the only program that has actually helped me, and am excited to go forward and keep improving.


“This course is what is changing my life.”

“I wouldn’t hesitate to take another course from you. You’re amazing, honest, open & nonjudgmental. Even across the pond we can feel your love, caring & true desire for us to be healthy.”

“I agree that I can’t change backwards. Too big a shift & too much new calm in my life to even imagine being where I was. I’m so excited about where I’m still going. The hypnotherapy is wonderful.”

Who am I?


I’m Jan James, an intuitive and Empowered Empath.

I’m a  Life Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Spiritual Teacher and Energy healer. I bring together therapy on a psychological, emotional and spiritual level as a complete resolution for beautiful women. 

Women who are committed to changing their inner world,  who want to raise their consciousness and awareness.

My passion is to get the message to you that you do not have to suffer, although I get that right now you are, big time! I’ve been there, I know what it’s like and through my own journey know how to get you out the other side.

I can’t wait to get to know you, let’s change this thing around.

Much love, Jan xxxxxx

Yeah but …..

An online programme, I’ve never done anything like this before. What is it? And It sounds complicated, is it?

It’s easy easy easy! You get an email from me, you click on the link to go to a private page on my website where all the information you need is. You enter your password and you’re in!

If there is anything you need help with I’m here to give it. You can contact me at any time by replying to the emails and I’ll get back to you as soon as I possibly can. More than anything I want a pleasant and happy experience for you.

What if I don’t understand it? I guess I don’t believe that things will work for me?

Well, the beauty of the way that I work with you is that all learning is unconscious, this is also where the problems lie. This means that consciously thinking about stuff is not the way forwards .. you’ve been doing that up to this point and it hasn’t worked has it?

You watch the videos, have a little think through the worksheets and then allow it to just happen! Bonus 😀

This has been designed for ease of understanding but on saying that if there is anything at all you want to ask, I’m really happy to hear from you. I’m here to help.

How will I know it’s working?

You just will, it’s something that just happens and you start to notice the change. Often you don’t even notice at first because you’re just doing things differently and you feel better. There’s nothing to notice when there is no disturbance 😀

Will anyone else know that I’m doing this?

No, it’s totally private. This is not online on Facebook or anywhere else. It’s is only on my website and you have a password for access.

No matter what I’ve tried nothing has worked, what’s different with this.

There’s a lot of advice on the interwebby about how to do things but they don’t really help you with practically putting things into action. The same with self help books, they’re just something you gather knowledge with, more and more information. Actually doing what you need to do is a different thing. This programme is to help you “do” the things you need to do. Watch the videos and you’ll see exactly what I mean. It’s good .. yeah, I know I have to say that, but you don’t just have to take my world for it….. have a read through the testimonials on this page.

Is there a time limit? Do I have to keep up?

No you can do this at your own pace and in your own time.

Is it hard to do?

No 😉. My job is to make the change happen for you in a lighthearted way, this stuff doesn’t have to be serious.

How do I know if this is right for me?

Trust your instinct, it won’t ever let you down. It is feels right, it’s right. If it doesn’t then it’s not for you.

I’ve got some questions, can I contact you?

Absolutely.. send me a message on the contact page. I’d love to hear from you.

Shall I stay sat on the fence?

Well, ya know you’re only going to end up with splinters in your bum!

Theres a saying that goes “If you keep on doing what you’re doing, you will keep on having what you’ve got” and we don’t want that do we?