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– If only you could live a more peaceful life, feeling unaffected by the emotions and energy of others.

– If only you could make connections, experiences and memories without feeling awful.

– If only you could have a clearer mind and be more available for the kids and for your family.

– If only you could do what you want to do, be more creative, go for that new job, learn something new or get healthy.

– If only you could just feel ok again.

You CAN! But you will need to take action.

Energy Busters is an online, interactive and transformational experience for you to learn the tools you need to be safe in your own energetic space. This is in your control and you are not helpless against anything that is “out there”.

Bat away that negative energy, stop absorbing everything from everywhere and learn to protect yourself with a boundary that is not an imaginary bubble or circle of white light.

Get the people pleasing and people fixing in check and create a more natural state of who you are meant to be.

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All the help you need

How do you feel about getting right into your Enlightenment? This is a 6 week programme to transform your world, to claim your space and no longer be affected by external energy.


interactive coaching

Yep! I’ll be right in there with you. As well as videos, work sheets and hypnotherapies, you’ll be able to ask questions and get all the additional help and support that you need.

Love and support from empaths

Community – Imagine a group of Empaths in one place … yaaaaaay. Where else could you get this level of love and support? Meet others, make friends, find more support as you move to find your light.

it’s all in your hands


One of the most transformational shifts you can make is to learn about your own power of choice. A choice over how you feel.

As a Life Coach and Master NLP Practitioner  I know how problems are put together and created. This means I have the formula for taking them apart. This doesn’t mean that you find ways to work around a problem, it means you remove it.

Energy is not the problem that you think it is. It is your understanding and perception of energy and what happens that is the problem.

Other people are not to be feared and avoided because they are not the problem, your beliefs and ideas about this are.

Your inner world, your perceptions and beliefs create your feelings. Learning to think differently and see things in a new way, changes the feelings.

All the problems that you think are “out there”, the stuff that affects you, such as people and energy, need not affect you in a negative way.

I get it that it does right now, I spent most of my life in this place, I know how crippling it all can feel.

The hell hole of “Empath problems “ are in fact something you are in control of and when you learn about this it sets you free.

Energy Busters is a portal to empowerment and it’s all about you. You’ll meet a you that you didn’t know existed up to this point.

Yes, you’ll deal with the energy issues and create a boundary, you’ll know how to keep the negative stuff out. More importantly though you’ll learn about the power of your own choice, not just with energy but in your life in general. You’ll understand that things that are external to you need never be the issue that they have been so far.

Let’s dive into your inner world, shift some things around to transform how you experience your life.

Pain to peace.


I want you to know that you don’t have to continue your life in this way. But you absolutely will if you do nothing about it.

Sitting in the darkness, holding on the radiator in the corner and telling yourself ‘you’re stuck’ or that ‘you can’t’ could continue as your reality if you choose. 

And it will without action. What are you waiting for? For things to get better? A hope that magically it will all go away?

There’s some enlightening information that you need, plus a few tweaks to the way that you’re thinking. It’s not actually that complicated or difficult to do with the right instruction and help.

These shifts in your internal world will have you strong in your own energy field, batting away external energies with ease and little effort. You will have the tools to use in any moment to create energetic balance so that you are unaffected and peaceful.

This is a whole different world to the one that you’re experiencing right now. Do you want to have the choice and control over what you allow in your world? Are you ready?

Thing is, talking about or thinking about it won’t change anything, you need to DO it!

This can be your reality ……


Ahhhhh, a calm and tranquil ocean instead.

You know that this is the way that it’s meant to be.

Your energetic balance control is firmly switched on.


Taking control of your own space brings a new level of ‘YOU’, you don’t have to hide and protect yourself anymore.

You can choose what you do and who with, without fear


You’re no longer having to analyse your way out of this problem. Your mind is calmer and you can breathe again.


Imagine not having to be affected by all that energy! How much of a problem would energy be then?

Now you understand! You now have the clarity of how much choice you’ve had all along. Such a relief!

what the beautiful empaths say about energy busters

Yay! Jan James of Empowered Empaths and Energy Busters . If you’re familiar with her or her page, I sooo encourage you to take the class. Best investment I’ve ever made in myself. Through Jan, I’ve learned there’s a whole new world out there and a less painful, stressful way to live. I’ll confess I was skeptical at first, but I was also at the point where I was ready to try anything.

The shift started slowly for me, actually I didn’t realize anything was changing until I suddenly noticed that I had a calmness and peace about myself that I’d never experienced before. I wasn’t worrying about everybody but me and quit constantly taking on negative energy from everyone else. It’s such an amazing feeling, it’s so good! And unfamiliar.

Jan honestly changed my life. Mentally, emotionally, spiritually…with gentle, loving guidance. I don’t even know how to put into words how different I’ve become. Jan answers questions, encourages, loves, and it becomes so obvious that her focus is on you and that her desire is to help other Empaths who are still struggling. She has no problem telling of her journey or sharing personal experiences. She‘s such an open book. You just know you can trust her.

The group I was in just clicked, with each other and with Jan. We are unique but so much the same. Being able to connect and share freely with other Empaths is so freeing!! This class was what I’d been searching for without even knowing what I needed or wanted.


I took the Empowered Empaths – Energy Busters course after following Jan’s page and posts for a while, one day it just seemed right that I invested in something that could potentially sort out the ‘problem’ I had (that I didn’t really understand myself) and I cannot recommend this course enough!

I have been struggling for many years with unbearable feelings and emotions and as time and life goes on it was getting increasingly more difficult to handle. I feel it has literally transformed things for me and put me on a path that has changed and is continuously changing my life. I feel like a new person!

The course is manageable and flows at an easy going pace – the meditations I found particularly transformative and also being able to share within a private supportive and understanding group.

Jan herself is of the highest integrity and guides you gently and supportively through the days, worksheets and meditations with the care, support and dedication that you absolutely need when dealing with this subject.

She is so wonderful and knowledgeable, and you can feel her care and that she really has walked the walk and can resonate and support with the care that only someone who has experienced and come out of the other side of this, can.

I feel I can go forward now into the future with a healthy ‘armour’ just for me and feel safe in my skin and with the knowledge ‘I can do this!’.

Thank you, Jan!


What is Energy Busters?

I won’t ever assist you to wallow in stuck, unlike the personal development Industry and the messages you are bombarded with from “Empathland”.

Energy Busters is transformational and I teach and assist you to be living the life you’re meant to be living as an Empath.

It makes no sense to keep yourself hidden and spreading a negative vibe does it? What would be the point of your Superpower?

This programme is about you being able to do what you want to do. Creating memories, experiences and connections without fear. It’s all about you NOT missing out anymore!

Enlightenment – 6 weeks to transform your world, to claim your space and no longer be affected by external energy. Freeing yourself to be the person you were always meant to be.  


Interactive coaching – Yep! I’ll be right in there with you, you’ll be able to ask questions and get all the additional help and support that you need.

Community – Imagine a group of Empaths in one place … yaaaaaay. Where else could you get this level of love and support? Meet others, make friends, find more support as you move to find your light.

Raising self awareness- You’ll be learning all about you. Discovering your own power of choice and control (Not only will this change things for you in terms of energy, it will shift things for you in every area of your life).

Consciousness – All learning at this level WILL raise your vibration.

Fun – You’ll be learning all you need to know in a fun and light hearted way. Laughs and humour essential.

are we perfectly matched?

I work with Empaths who are committed to changing their inner world, raising their consciousness and awareness. I work with you to free you from the ‘stuck’ that keeps you hiding in the shadows. I help you to step into YOU, supporting you to achieve what you came here to do. To allow you to move forward on your path with confidence, a lighter step and clarity.

There is no better purpose than to spread your healing energy, in whatever form that takes. Being trapped in this energy problem prevents you from doing this. This leaves you feeling helpless and unconsciously spreading a negative vibe as you join in with others in this energy soup. You don’t want to do this, I know, it goes totally against the grain of everything you stand for as a kind and gentle soul who cares deeply.

It’s time to sort this out once and for all.

The things I will teach you are transformative and it WILL change the way that you view things. Your freedom and success in this is number one priority. Commitment from me and from you will ensure that you get the most of this experience and get you to where you want to be.

This has been created for you based on what you have told me that you need. It’s been lovingly put together to include all of the things that have worked for me personally … yes, I’ve done this stuff. The added bonus of my psychology training and my work as a Therapist means you get a whole heap of knowledge, tools and support.

On your life path, this is the most valuable thing to do. Your peace of mind and ability to control your own energetic state is priceless. It’s going to be exciting, liberating and a whole load of fun.


So let’s get going ….

This is for you if you’re ready to take control of your inner world. To release yourself from restrictive beliefs that tell you you’re helpless as an Empath.

You’ll need to move quickly though as I’m only going to be opening the doors to this opportunity a few times per year. There ARE limited places in each intake as I want to be able to give you the help and support that you need.

This won’t be for you if you’re not committed to making this change for yourself or if you don’t want to take the steps that are necessary.

This is for Empaths  who are tired of the struggle and want to make a difference in this world, they want to lighten the darkness and pass on higher and healing vibes to themselves and to everyone around them.

You’ll be happy to learn new ideas, drop old beliefs and be willing to stretch away from all of the things you’ve learnt that hold you back.

This isn’t something that you are going to be left to do on your own. I’m right in there with you and you’ll have the company of other like minded (feely feel) Empaths for support.

💥 6 weeks of mind shifting self awareness that will just amaze you.

💥New information and learning tools.

💥Exercises to help you understand all about you and how you can take control.

💥Weekly live question and answer sessions for additional support.

💥A private Facebook group for community and sharing.

💥3 x hypnotherapy/relaxation audios.

What do you actually get?….

Content – loads of videos, tutorials and worksheets

Group coaching – we will get online and face to face and I’ll be reviewing your questions and what comes up for you as you gain clarity over what’s been keeping you stuck.

Community – a peer group of gorgeous Empaths who understand your struggles at a very personal level and who are also moving out of stuck into understanding and control.

Support – I’ll be there with you every step of the way, this is about YOU gaining all you need to move out of this pain and into the peace.

It’s time to drop this idea of “A Curse”, let’s grab hold of your superpower instead.

more comments from the beautiful empaths  about energy busters

This course, your teaching, is something I’ve needed & searched for…not knowing what I was seeking. Eventually I’ll learn to go with the flow but how odd that right now there’s even a certain bit of discomfort in being comfortable & happy.

I remind myself of how little time I waste anymore (thank you, Jan) thinking of or judging others. But ever so much better.

So much opportunity for people to learn a wonderful way to live by taking your course. It’s made such a difference in my life, I get excited when I think of someone else getting healthy!


I do healing energy work professionally. I joined this course not only for myself but also to help others. There were plenty of simple actions to take that I put into practice right away, and they were very helpful. I really liked the meditation-hypnotherapy component as well. There has been a noticeable shift in the way I handle things.

That’s what is cool about this program. I’m carrying it over to other aspects of my life. You do good work, Jan.


Feeling a lot less triggered and calmer, it’s nice to sit and observe and not be entangled.

I speak for the group that we can feel your integrity, Jan. This is the only program that has actually helped me, and am excited to go forward and keep improving.


“This course is what is changing my life.”

“Can we all just move in with you & Steve for a few weeks? 😂😂”

“I’ve been almost hyper vigilant lately about everything around me. Kind of like a bubble around me at times. Then something will happen and I can calmly let it go almost unconsciously & realize later that I didn’t get upset”

“I wouldn’t hesitate to take another course from you. You’re amazing, honest, open & nonjudgmental. Even across the pond we can feel your love, caring & true desire for us to be healthy.”

“I agree that I can’t change backwards. Too big a shift & too much new calm in my life to even imagine being where I was. I’m so excited about where I’m still going. The hypnotherapy is wonderful.”



If you get involved right now then you’re absolutely bagging a bargain here as it’s only going to cost £275.00 and I’ve been super kind and included a 4 monthly instalment plan to make it as easy as possible for you.

This isn’t something that will just sit on your pc untouched, it’s not another self help book or set of videos that just help you to gather more information. This is an action based event designed to really make the difference you seek.

Energy Busters is a programme designed by an Empath for Empaths, it’s what you’ve been asking me for … are you going to keep thinking about change or talking about change or are you actually going to DO the change?

This is for you if …..

– You are tired of the struggle of dealing with other people’s energy.

– Crowds are draining.

– Other people exhaust you.

– You’re all over the place emotionally and energetically.

– You’re drained and exhausted a lot of the time.

– You need a lot of alone time to recharge.

– You avoid people.

– You’re determined to make things better for yourself.

This is NOT for you if …


– You want to stay stuck.

– You’re not commited to your own energetic and emotional wellbeing.

– You’re not ready to take responsibility … and it’s ok if you’re not.

– You don’t want to make an investment.

– You’re not ready.

who am I?


I’m Jan James, an intuitive and Empowered Empath.

I’m a  Life Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Spiritual Teacher and Energy healer. I bring together therapy on a psychological, emotional and spiritual level as a complete resolution for Empaths.

A healing for mind, body and spirit.

My passion is to get the message to you that you do not have to suffer as an Empath, although I get that right now you are, big time! I’ve been there, I know what it’s like and through my own journey know how to get you out the other side.

I can’t wait to get to know you fellow Empath, let’s change this thing around.

Much love, Jan xxxxxx

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to keep up?

Absolutely, you can do this at your own pace. I’ve deliberately created this to be a learning that your mind can easily absorb, it’s designed to be a pleasure and not a struggle.

It’s so important that you enjoy the experience so don’t worry one bit about this.

If there’s anything you don’t understand at any point, I’m right there to reassure you and explain anything that you need.

Is it difficult to do?

No! It may challenge your belief systems ( trust me, this is a REALLY good thing).

Enlightenment is always such a lovely feeling of relief, to understand how and why you have a problem is such a warm and comfy experience. How to change it is even better.

Will I have to speak up in the group?

Not at all, I include this question because I understand what it’s like to be an Empath. 

You only do what you’re absolutely comfortable with. You can always private message your questions to me and I can cover them live for you.

What if I can’t do it at everyone else’s pace?

That’s absolutely ok. You have a lifetime access to the programme so can do things in your own time and at your pace.

How will I get all the materials for the programme?

I’ll open up a private Facebook group where all your videos, learning tools and hypnotherapy will be.

I’ll release the content gradually to give you time to absorb and learn at a comfortable pace.

How much work will I have to do?

Well, it’s not really like work. If you’re anything like me (and I know you are) anything that is to do with learning about how you work, where issues come from and how to resolve them will have you transfixed and engaged in the process, you’ll be observing yourself a lot and learning how you operate .. how exciting is that?

Whatever your worry, please release it, my job is to make you as comfortable as you can be, to help and support you every step of the way, I’m an Empath, I’m good at this.

It’s important to me that your experience is a great one and that you achieve what you want to achieve.