Hello again lovely Empath,

So what’s next to think about? Here goes …

Friends .. do you feel good around your friends? Are they on your side, cheerleading you or diving into the negativity with you? It’s part of the human condition to want someone to relate to what we are experiencing and this is great, as Empaths we do it well. But diving into a problem, keeping it there and talking about it will only create a low energy frequency.

Did you know that the old style counselling, of just talking over your problems can actually just keep them there?

If you need help, get in touch with me or someone else,  are sure you always choose someone who is forward focused and solution oriented.

Family ., ahhhhhhhhh …., family, guaranteed to push your buttons and trigger every pain you ever had. This is a great option to heal if you can view it this way. Sometimes though it’s ok to limit the time you spend with anyone that is having a negative impact on you.

So much is out there isn’t there about family and what you should do, it’s family! I don’t believe that just because someone is family that you allow your world to be in chaos or pain. You don’t have to walk away completely, although If that’s what you want it’s ok too, reduce the time you spend with them, make it in smaller amounts that you can deal with.

Make your mental and emotional health a priority.

Feeling like you should be more sociable

No ,no and NO! These ‘shoulds’ have got to go, if you hear one in your head then just think ‘what if I shouldn’t ?’ It’s perfectly ok to be who you are , doing what you want to do. Due to what you see in the media, you can come to believe that to be normal involves a certain set of behaviours, out having fun, loads of friends, being around people. This is just one side of life that is portrayed. It’s certainly not for everyone, and can be a shallow experience (sometimes) …. something us Empaths just don’t want to do. Empty or shallow connection means nothing to us.

I used to think there was something wrong with me in not wanting to socialise, to be in environments that were like ants crawling on my skin. I used to think that I needed to fit in to this unreasonable society expectation. I learnt that being sociable can be coffee with a friend, visiting a friend in their home or them coming to you, chatting on the phone (when you’re a recovered Empath that is 😂).

It’s more common that you think to not have a huge circle of people around you, it just looks like it’s more normal than it actually is.

If you would like to be more sociable and around people more this is slightly different, heal the stuff that keeps you from doing this, the energy problem can be a major factor here.. fear not … Energy Busters is available for this, a truly transformational and enlightening programme to kick that energy problem to the curb. Check it out using the link below 😀.