Human nature is a bit weird, you can end up keeping yourself stuck in pain, worry and anxiety without even realising that you’re doing it. Thing is, once you know about this stuff, it frees you to consider a different choice for yourself.

Are you a toddler?

You know,  little children just want attention, they crave it. If they’re not getting the caring, nurturing and loving warmth that they deserve, they will do all they can to play up and get some negative attention instead.

Human beings will continue this pattern into adulthood if they aren’t taught about it and learn to do something different in order to change it. It’s very subtle and easy to miss. The way this plays out for us Empaths is that you hold on to anything, absolutely anything that will create attention, be that negative or positive. Because oftentimes, you did not get the love and attention you needed and deserved.

On the surface of things, this sounds like madness.. why would you want negative attention? It’s about feeling like you don’t deserve to be noticed so unconsciously seek out being noticed in various ways.

Being someone that suffers does create attention, people notice you, Though Maybe not in the way that you would consciously want.

I know this happened to me and I had no idea it was happening.. in fact I would have strenuously denied it had it been presented to me. I would not have happily accepted that my holding on to myself as a suffering being had any positive intention at all.

This type of thing is called secondary gain , where we develop a pattern of behaviour to achieve a result. Often an unconscious result.

What happens here is that the need to be recognised and receive attention is stronger than the need to heal. Until you can see it, that is!

How about the possibility that you can absolutely  be noticed and recognised for the superpower that you are … without the suffering?

Now you know that there is stuff going on under the surface that you can absolutely change,  ‘The Empowerment Project” is here to transform your experience from pain to peace. A programme that will change everything for you in a big way.

Not all of the problems you currently experience are due to being an Empath, there’s other stuff going on that needs looking at and resolving.

You can do this!

If you often feel not good enough, are plagued with negative thoughts, have a head that goes at a million miles per hour with analysis and feel unconfident and unhappy then this will be for you.

Check out what’s on offer to transform things for you below .

Much love, Jan xxxxxx