I wake up ridiculously early, I have no idea why this happens. When my kids were small, I longed for a lie in, to be able to get more sleep. Now they are grown, I’m conditioned and wake up earlier than I did then. (My children are both men over 6ft tall).

I do wonder whether that time in the morning is quieter, more calm and this enables me to have a clearer mind to be planning the day ahead, to be thinking of new ideas and I find it’s a great time to write. What is your most peaceful time of the day?

I work locally with one to one clients and this gives me enormous satisfaction, I keep this part time (because I only have part time lol). Getting to know clients is such an honour, to be allowed into their personal world and their deepest thoughts and feelings. I absolutely love what I do, seeing someone making the changes they want to achieve .. there’s nothing better.

Then there’s the beautiful Empath community, Empowered Empaths, something that takes a lot of my thinking time. I also work one to one online and I love this community because I feel at home here, I’m among people who know, people who understand, it almost makes me want to throw a party 🥳😳 .. I did say almost 😂. I’m always looking for ideas, thinking of things to share with you. Wondering how best I can help and support you to freedom.

This community has been here for over 12 months now and initially I set it up with the idea that I could bring my skills and experience to provide the help that you need. Well I sat on this for a long time because .. well, I was terrified. Moving into internet land can feel a bit out of the comfort zone (understatement).

You will understand this as an a Empath yourself. The solitary life has a certain pull to it don’t you think? 😉

But, I got there in the end and worked through this with a lot of support. (It’s so ok to get the support and help you need … I put this off for a long long time and so glad I moved past this one). I was rocketed out of that zone to the here and now where I am in a position to share with you the massive tool box of therapy skills, spiritual practice and personal experience.

I spend at least an hour per day finding and creating the posts that you see on your newsfeed and I love doing this. The rest of my working day is client one to one work and lately has been designing and bringing together a healing experience which is ‘Energy Busters’, a programme to take you out of this horrible energy issue Empaths have, being negatively affected and basically ruining your day to day experience. (You can find out more about this on the site, under “Services”)

This has been such a wonderful challenge, bringing things together in such a way to make this transition easy and pleasurable. Working through the steps that you need to take and the understanding that you are asking for. I’m a great believer in education, teaching you how to do things, this means that you don’t only solve this one particular problem, you will take with you these skills to apply to anything that occurs in your life.

Changing your mind, the way that you think and shifting perceptions so that you view things differently has a magical quality about it.. if I could count the number of times I have heard ‘I’ve never looked at it that way before’. It literally can move a problem to just a situation that doesn’t affect you in the same way anymore.

I’ve always had this intuitive nature that helps me to see different sides to things, to automatically go to the solution.. part of my gift of being an Empath and I’m very grateful for it.

I’ve gone off on a tangent again, just chatting to you now about anything and everything ha ha. So .. early start, several clients on a one to one basis a day (anything from 3 to 5). Lots of work for the beautiful Empaths, more one to one online work and programme design, posts, masterclasses, videos. Then I have to do my housework … hmmm … yeah, I don’t have very much time for that 😂.

I love what’s happening in the community now as I get to know more and more of you. Thank you for your comments and interaction. I’ll always reply to messages by the way if you want to drop me an email or private message on the page. Your ideas are always welcome for what you would like help with or for something you would like to see on the page.

I’ll never try to talk you into joining a programme by the way, it’s not my style, I’ll let you know what’s available and there will be no push from me. I believe that if something is right for you you will know. I never work with anyone who is unsure or not completely happy with their choice, It just wouldn’t feel right and it would be uncomfortable.

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