Hello lovely,

Absorbing energy from others can leave you feeling drained and tired for sure.

Yet this is only one symptom! There are so many more issues that occur when your energy is low and you’re not able to keep it topped up to where it could be. Taking control of your own energy maintenance is a fabulous starting point to your healing journey and it’s urgent that you start this now.

When you understand the effects it’s having you will see exactly why.

So here are the 6 ways low energy is extinguishing your sparkle:

1. Overthinking and confusion.

Feeling horrible (because your energy is low) will start off the incessant “what’s wrong with me?” question.

Now, you know this pattern. A search to find out why you’re feeling so bad, maybe it’s this, maybe it’s that, maybe it’s someone else’s, maybe it’s mine arghhhhh 😫.

This is an attempt to feel better but does this ever work? No!

Overthinking actually drains your energy more! And it is more than just a lot of thoughts, it actually creates an internal paralysis where your brain clouds over and you become confused, leading to frustration and generally tears!

The smallest of things feel really hard to do. Your head feels like it could internally combust and it’s just awful.

2. Feeling stuck and lack of motivation

Energy is your fuel. If your petrol has run out, your car doesn’t stand a chance of moving.

In fact, you wouldn’t stand there insisting your car move, you wouldn’t question what was wrong with it or tell it to pull itself together. You understand .. no fuel, no movement.

Yet why is it so different for you?  If you’re feeling stuck and unmotivated you’re likely to tell yourself that you should do better and you should know how to change things.

Low energy levels are going to make you feel stuck and unmotivated.

3. Crying, Irritability and Anger

Low energy is low vibration so what’s going to come along and visit? Negative thinking! It’s a low vibration activity.

In fact, it’s a party for low vibration. Did you know that negative thoughts create negative feelings? So, before you know it we’ve got a full on disco, dancing to the tune of misery.

Feeling so crappy is bad mood waiting to happen. Irritability ensues or full on anger. Everything starts to annoy you. You’re highly emotional and the tears are there!

What happens then? More negative thinking and more negative feelings and you’re straight into another pity party.

4. No time or space for your family, your partner, your kids or for you.

Low energy vibration causes a cotton wool head, you’re busy thinking and trying to resolve stuff so there is no space for anything else. People demanding things from you or even trying to make conversation is just too much.

You’re full up and there’s no room.

This leaves you absent, you’re not really in the room, you’re in a private internal world of conflict and negativity. Lost to the people that you care about.

Beware ..  negativity spreads.

5. Worry, stress and Procrastination

This low vibration creates a restlessness, a boredom. Nothing feels right .. because it isn’t!

You feel heavy, lethargic and put things off. Then you worry and stress about what you’re not doing and beat yourself up for it.

This weight leaves you not wanting to do anything but you force yourself into movement. Everything is looking bleak.

And you’ve guessed it , good old negative thinking is knocking on your door asking to come in again. Once in, it will encourage you to start considering everything negative that’s ever happened in your life or what could happen. You’ll revisit all the people who have upset you and start arguing with them in your head.

It’s like a rabbit hole of endless upset that you can consider and bring to life again.

Hmmmm 🤔 all from a low vibration!

6. Neglecting yourself and a Sense of Humour Bypass

The tangled wires that now make up your thought patterns leave all things very unclear and confusing. This will cause you to consider “What is looking after myself anyway?” There is no clear picture of what this is or how you could create it.

This is like watching the TV but it’s not tuned in properly, you can’t see the picture or hear the sounds.  There’s nothing funny about this awful internal state and this is why you get the sense of humour bypass, things you would normally find amusing just miss your radar.

Re-tuning yourself (or plugging the aerial in) brings a clearer focus, there’s room to think .. ahhhhh bliss!

This is like plugging your energy back in and unleashing your energy potential so you live in control of where the drain occurs and are able to top yourself up when you need it.

A good place to start and get sorted do you think?

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Much love, Jan xx