Isn’t this just horrible?

I’ve never been able to quite name the feeling of being in someone else’s energy. Bad or negative never seems to cover it. It’s disturbing, you don’t feel right at all, I guess disturbed is nearer to the mark.

Thing is, you’re never going to feel comfortable if you’re in any energy other than your own. Your own space is the most comfortable and peaceful place to be. Your energy field with nothing else but you in it.

Makes sense really, you don’t want to wear other people’s clothes do you?  Or put on their smelly slippers? That feels just wrong, it’s a bit the same with energy.

I’ve got a solution for you, because creating a boundary and living in your own energy is not a difficult and complicated thing to achieve, although you may believe that right now.

But first, how can you know whether you are in someone else’s energy?

1. Unexplained muscle tension.

A personal red flag for me. When your shoulders feel like they’re up by your ears, your muscles in your upper back, shoulders and neck are tight and tense. It’s a weird one because  even an attempt to relax doesn’t drop this stress in your body at all. This is because there’s a message in it.

You need to get back to yourself and remove the disturbance. I get your frustration at this point because how the hell do you do that? It feels like it’s stuck and there’s nothing you can do. Your head starts going, questioning what it is, whose it is, is it yours, is it theirs? What does this do? Keep it there!

Hmmm, there’s just a few things you need to learn and understand here to totally shift your perception of what energy is, to grasp that you have far more control than it looks like at the moment.

News – You are not helpless against external energy.

2. Feeling on edge and troubled.

😫 That unnamed feeling of awfulness! You’re edgy, fidgety, can’t sit still but don’t want to do anything either. Nothing seems to grab you as a solution, distraction isn’t possible. You don’t feel as though you can relax. What energy have you absorbed?

You feel troubled to the point that you start to consider why you’re feeling like this and your mind conjures up possible scenarios. Invariably it takes you down the rabbit hole of negative thinking and catastrophising. Something horrible may have happened and you’re picking it up, what could it be? Then the worry starts.

You’re just not in your own safe space, the comfortable and wonderful feeling of ok-ness that you get in your own energy field

News – You cant actually absorb energy. Something else is going on, something that YOU can learn to be in control of.

3. Trembling or shaking

This can feel like being very cold or an inner trembling that’s quite subtle. It can be like a gentle buzzing sort of feeling that’s hard to distinguish.

Movement of energy can be more obvious, I’ve had the experience of someone moving close to me and my whole body feels like it was moving, almost like a push.

Being unbalanced will cause trembling and shaking, your energy is “off”. You’re ungrounded.

New learning – What is grounding anyway? It’s more a connection to yourself, learning to get comfortable with your own space and wanting to protect it. You can then automatically correct your energy field. To do this, some shifts are needed in perception and understanding.

4. Thinking odd thoughts that just don’t feel like yours.

This can be subtle until your self awareness grows. It can become more and more obvious the stronger you are in your own sense of self. This can be words and phrases running through your head that you just don’t normally use. It can be a tone of voice that’s not your normal inner talk.

It’s so easy to think that it’s just you if it’s in your head but energy will affect your thoughts too. It’s not just about emotional disturbance. This is a sign to clear your energy field.

But how? Don’t worry, a solution is coming.

5. Unexplained aches and pains.

They’re not always yours. If something comes on suddenly, if it wasn’t there before you were with a certain person then chances are it’s not yours.

Tricky isn’t it? If you’re feeling a pain it’s then hard to imagine it’s not yours because it’s really there!  So how do you shake it off?

News – Thing is, energy is not actually stuck in you although it really feels like it.

6. Feeling nauseous, stomach pains and problems

Many empaths experience issues around their stomachs and for good reason. This is the area of your sacral chakra, which is all to do with connection to others and to yourself. Any disturbance in your energy field through feeling the energy of others can hit you here.

Connection to others is the problem, it’s where you focus your attention, but you don’t have to do this ya know. When you discover what happens when you do this and the consequences on you, your energy field and the energy of others you will really want to change it.

News – You are not at the mercy of other people, their emotions or energy.

Do you really want to continue living this way? Really?

Many Empaths say they want things to be different and they complain about how hard things are and how difficult it is, yet do nothing about it. Strange huh? Is it an unwillingness to give up the cape of victim? Wanting to believe that they are at the mercy of something beyond themselves?

I know you’re not in that category.

But do you really want to stay in a story that says this is the way life is? Finding ways to cope and strategies to work around the problem that don’t actually make anything any better?

Doesn’t make sense does it? Time for action?

Do you want :

💥 To be able to bat away negative emotional energy?

💥 To create a boundary that keeps you in your own safe and peaceful place?

💥 To stop the need to people please or people fix?

💥 To learn how you can be in control of your own energy field?

💥 To understand your own power of choice, in how you feel?

Energy Buster is a 6 week programme to sort this out once and for all. It’s new learning and transformational shifts that you will love. You will have many moments of “I’ve not thought  about it like that before!”  Freeing realisations that you’re not stuck at all. This is your portal to empowerment.

If every Empath were to take responsibility for their own energy, imagine the difference this would make to the vibration everywhere. You can start with you.

Here is your opportunity :