Hello lovely,

2019 has been the year of Empowered Empaths for me. At the beginning of the year, our page was full of inspirational quotes and not much else. This wasn’t my vision for what I wanted to create here.

I’d got the skills, the tools and the personal experience to help you yet how to do it? There was no website, no programmes, no freebies, no blogs 🤔. This year has been a huge personal development experience for me, I’m an Empath, I didn’t want to put myself out there, I was happy hiding.

But sometimes a passion keeps tapping you on the shoulder (until it’s becomes a knock on the head that you just cant ignore 😂). I was going to have to move out of my comfort zone big time and create an online presence to let you know what was available for you 😮.

At the beginning of 2019 I would never have done a live chat on Facebook or recorded a video, I wouldn’t have done anything that I’m doing now. To get an idea of this shift, just imagine yourself doing this!

Yep, it wasn’t any different for me once. I tell you this to let you know that anything is possible but you need the right help and support to do it for sure.

So this year has seen the birth of the Empowered Empaths website, a pivotal moment for me. A place for you to get information and advice, support and encouragement. The programmes I dreamed of creating came to life, deeply transformational programmes to give you the help that you want and need.

Energy Busters to get you back in control of your energy field, to be unaffected by all that stuff out there.

The Empowerment Project, to get you back in your Superpower status and raising your self esteem and confidence.

The relationship supercharge to resolve the conflicts and pain of your intimate relationship.

There are some fabulous freebies such as the Empaths Superpower Manual, a SOS rescue back to get you back in balance in any moment, and a kickass guide for new Empaths.

And all the blogs and posts that put together would form a book .. there’s been a lot of writing!

And you know what? I’ve loved it. Moving out of your comfort zone is such a wonderful thing to do, feels a little scary at first but this is just an illusion, something that keeps you stuck in the same place. I can highly recommend a blast into a new zone .. it’s much nicer there.

It’s meant developing a community of wonderful Empaths like you. I love to hear from you. There is no better job in the world for me than to be able to work with you, support you and help you to live your best life.

2020 is the Year of the Empath

I’ve decided! 😀. Healing starts within .. always! Let this year be the year that YOU step forward into your light. Imagine this! The impact energetically if you all did this?

It would be huge, because not only do you transform your own vibrations and energy fields, this ripples into everyone that you meet. And then into everyone that they meet.

A ripple of healed energy that creates healing all around you. Wooooo … isn’t that exciting!

We’re kicking of the year with a bang with :

Unleashing Your Energy Potential – 5 Days to Sparkle

It’s FREE!

Every day for 5 days I’ll be popping in to help you get your zing back. We’re going to be :

⭐️ Closing the door so that other people are not taking your energy.

⭐️ Learning how to bat away the negative energy that brings you down.

⭐️ Grounding yourself and creating  balance.

⭐️ Choosing how you feel, deciding what affects you and what doesn’t.

⭐️ Discovering where your energy is going and how you can put the plug back in.

⭐️ Learning where you are giving your energy away and how to keep it for yourself instead.

⭐️ Empowering yourself to take control of your own energy field.

You don’t have to sign up, you can join in here: