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I’m Jan, a Life Coach, Master NLP Practitioner and Intuitive Empath. I’m here to help and support you wherever you are at right now.

This is not your average Empath page or like any Empath group you may have come across, many people and the personal development industry are invested in keeping you stuck. I won’t keep you stuck and I’ll always tell you what you need to know. 

My message for you is that you do NOT have to suffer. Forget the messages of negativity you have read so far , dive in here and join me on Facebook. You are so welcome and I’d love for you to have a look around.

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If it’s all too much and you just don’t know where to start the last thing you need is a lot of information to read through and think about.

Don’t worry, head on over here where I’ve got something for you to quickly sort this out.

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If there are difficulties with your partner and your significant relationship, I’ve got just the thing for you.

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I don’t want you to feel alone.

I don’t want you to struggle.

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Your one stop shop to bat away negative energy. Create a strong boundary and ground yourself with ease.

Don’t listen to what you’ve so far read .. that you have to suffer as an Empath, this isn’t true. I know because I’ve come out the other side and YOU can too!

We can spend 6 weeks together to get you balanced and in control. All at an amazing “grab and go” price. Have a little look here, it would be rude not to 😉


I have such a passion for helping and supporting beautiful Empaths like you. This is for one very good reason. I know and understand deeply the struggle, the confusion and the pain myself. My message to you is that you don’t have to do this alone, the isolation and feeling different is hard enough as it is.

Being an Empath is a superpower, I didn’t know this once, it doesn’t have to be the experience you have had up until now. Learning new things and expanding your consciousness will project you into a new energetic space.

Can you imagine a more peaceful mind? Feeling relaxed around others? Accepting yourself fully and being content with who you are?

This IS available to you. It’s time to step out of the shadows, you’re not meant to be there!

Your transformation, enlightenment and freedom awaits.

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So, no more energy drains, no more dragging your bum through each day – let’s ignite that energy potential you have within you and unleash it out there onto the world.

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What the beautiful Empaths say …..

A year ago I made the best decision in my life so far and started seeing Jan as my life coach. I never thought I had any issues (don’t we all think that….), but certain situations kept repeating themselves in my life over and over again and I got a bit tired of it. From the first session on I felt the first time in my life that someone understood me on a level that was actually going to help me and let me break out of my restricting thought patterns. The shifts (yes – plural) that happened in my life are nothing short of mindblowing for me. I’ve always put my career first, but over the year I realised that it actually wasn’t the best thing for me anymore. Now I actually put myself first and the best thing is it happened in a way that I am still a kind and caring person. I feel much lighter, mentally stronger and happier. I’ve gained a lot of self-esteem and after every session I felt  full of energy, but at the same time calm. Like I’ve said – the best decicion I’ve made in my life. And of course – the repeating patterns are a thing of the past now…. HF

Jan is amazing! She’s a warm and present practitioner and creates a very safe environment. She’s also given me very practical tools to transform my thinking and action and I can’t thank, or praise, her enough. LP

Thanks Jan, right from the beginning it felt ‘right’. You provided a generous mix of warmth, humour and empathy, where I felt a valued sense of acceptance, all of which allowed me to feel safe to explore my issues and the impact they were having on me.
Throughout my guided journey I was able to recognise just how much my thoughts ‘controlled’ me.  I carried so much doubt where you helped me to see it was a pattern I had become accustomed to and fell into ‘default’ mode’ of the usual, destructive patterns of thought, whereas now I can see clearly just how much negative energy was being consumed by that pattern..  As the sessions progressed I felt the extra energy within me and this amazingly continues.
I can’t thank you enough for being there and being you, you have helped me believe my own influence to make choices and ‘evict’ the unwanted thoughts that weighed me down.

DB, Birmingham